Uphill Rush 6

Uphill Rush 6: The Latest Installment in a Great Racer Series
Lots of games have had many sequels and while a lot of them are the titles that are already very well established, it’s rare to find a title outside of major publishing firms that last longer than a couple of iterations. Uphill Rush 6 is the exception to that, and there is a good reason why that is true. It has wonderful gameplay, lumped along with pleasing aesthetics and is designed with more than a passing nod to great titles from the past. As a series, Uphill Rush has had more than its fair share of ups and downs, pardon the pun.
The uphill struggle of a little indie game

Usually, there are only a few rare times that the first game in a series makes a big splash. Every game, even those that start off with a million dollar budget, will have its own bumps to overcome. In that respect, Uphill Rush has had its fair share of criticism, but that does not stop it from being a fun game in all its forms and sequels. The first one was a fairly basic side scrolling racer, with only two modes and a few tracks. It also had very few vehicles to take around for a virtual spin. Over time the developers at Spil Games have added more and more features, tracks, and vehicles. As a game, the progression was only natural, but it was also always in a better direction. The game, since it early roots, has grown to become even more fun and re-playability has only increased.

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One of the great examples in Uphill’s evolution is the third sequel. There, they added on an AI opponent for the race mode, and added much more jumps to make each track even more exciting. Time trial mode also introduces a challenging speed run aspect which has you scrambling for the finish line while searching for collectable stars. The better the time and the more the stars, the better your score would be at the end of each round. Additionally, the also added the shop where you could enhance everyone one of your vehicles and since cash is a little harder to come by the incentive jacks up each time you complete a level. However, the third installment had some issues as well. The physics, while excellent in some level, were often a hindrance and reacted weird in others. The controls were wonky, and at the worst of times would prevent you from finishing a level.


The newest title


Uphill Rush 6 is the newest title to the series, and in Uphill Rush refers to the number mini games chucked into it. For a small and free package, that is surely a much better offer than other titles. In tandem with that, the gameplay was overhauled and it has less issues than its predecessor. While it isn’t a perfect game, Uphill rush will provide you with hours of fun, and will keep providing that kind of fun with each burst you play of it. It is a free game, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check it out when you have the time.