Uphill Rush 5 Games

Uphill Rush 5 Games: The Batch of Fun Modes

There is a certain spark that makes you want to replay a game over and over. For lower tier games, it usually isn’t the story. No; instead it is more about the gameplay that an underrated will offer you that will keep you coming back. Some games do this well, without even considering an upgrade over time, like Robot Unicorn Attack. However, titles like Uphill Rush will offer variety over repetitive levels, so this was why Uphill Rush 5 games are inserted in the new titles of the game. Each mode, entitled ‘cups’,  is fun, and entertaining in their own right, so you will keep coming back to the title.

As a standard, the gameplay varies very little in between each cup. The main aim of the game is to get from point A to point B, without crashing or failing to land stunts. If you do crash and burn, you will lose a life, and you are limited to 6 lives each play through. In each level, there are several stars you can pick, which will affect the outcome of your scores at the end of the game. The number of lives you have will also be affect your score, so having all your lives intact will really make all the difference in to your score.


Each level is pretty short, but in between you and the finish line, stand many hurdles which will inevitably cause you to lose life. Those same hurdles, however, also function as your means out, because they are mostly ramps that increase your jump range. Lastly, the game also starts you off on the lowest difficulty, which is easy mode. Once you succeed on each vehicle, you are then allowed to advance to normal and so on. This makes the game a bit more challenging for those with more experience in old school racers, so there is more meat to this game than what you get at first glance.

Skateboard Cup

This is a fairly self explanatory cup, and is accessible on normal and easy mode. Basically, instead of having your standard vehicles to ride, your little animated sprite has to race their skateboard across a long level. It’s kind of entertaining watching your little sprite skate down lanes. The levels are usually toned down to make a little more sense.


Quad Racing Cups

In this mode, the game shifts to harder platforms which are made for quad racers. The levels in this are steep, so the jumps are also much higher. This makes it harder for the player to estimate the right place to land because higher you get, the more chances you won’t see the ground.


The Monster Truck Cups

These levels are hardest to unlock, and are usually reserved for your highest score. In this mode, you finally get to play with huge trucks. The levels are more demanding of you, and driving the truck feels like quite a task. The physics really shine here because of the heavy nature of the vehicle.


Besides these cups, there are a few more that will keep you entertained. However, the only way to find them out is to try the game yourself, so why not look it up?