Uphill Rush 4

Much like the previous versions of Uphill Rush, the game controls are very similar: use your up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to go into reverse, left arrow to lean back, right arrow to lean forward, space to jump and perform stunts, “X” button to activate turbo. Press your “P” button to pause your game, and press your “M” button to toggle your map on or off.
These controls are also customizable to suit your needs and comfort. Think you can beat these extreme maps with only 6 lives?

The Uphill Rush developers, Agame.com, have brought to you another extreme racing game – Uphill Rush 4.   This game has many of the same similar features as some of the previous versions, however this version brings racing to a whole new level with its choice of vehicles and maps. Don’t get confused with Thrill Rush 4, which is a pretty different game.



As mentioned earlier, Uphill Rush 4 has many different vehicles you can use, and customize. Examples of just some of the vehicles you can purchase with your in game money are: a pool tube, a few different boats, a wind surf board, and even a dolphin!

You can change the colors of your vehicle to suit whatever personality you want it to have!


You have the option of selecting what gender you want your racer to be, customize his/her outfits by changing their colors, and even purchasing new outfits for him/her!



There are a total of 6 maps you can play. Maps 1, 3, and 5 are dedicated to the Time Trial versions. Maps 2, 4, and 6 are dedicated to the Race versions, where you can race the computer to the finish line.

Each map has 3 difficulty levels – easy, normal, and hard. You must complete 3 rounds of the easy level to move on to the normal level. You also need to complete 3 rounds of the normal level in order to unlock the hard level.

In addition to unlocking the other difficulty levels, in order to play maps 5 and 6, you need to unlock them. To unlock map 5, you must complete all 3 rounds of maps 1 and 3 on easy. To unlock map 6, you must complete all 3 rounds of maps 2 and 4 on easy.

Additional options/settings

As with the previous versions of Uphill Rush, version 4 also allows the player to adjust specific game settings, like turning music on or off, turning the sound effects on or off, changing the graphics quality, turning the tips on or off, turning the ghost on or off.

The major difference with these options is the number of languages you can choose from now. Uphill Rush 4 now allows you to choose from 25 different languages – which are 6 more languages than version 3 offered!



We were able to find a few cheats for version 4. The cheats include: unlimited lives, and unlimited turbo.

Desired age

Due to the fact that this game does not contain any adult language or mature content, this game is appropriate for children ages 6 and up.