Uphill Rush 3

How to play Uphill Rush 3

Up arrow – accelerate your vehicle
Down arrow – reverse
Left arrow – lean back
Right arrow – lean forward
Space bar – jump or perform a stunt
“X” key – activate turbo
“P” key – pause game
“M” key – open/close map

You can further customize your game by changing these key settings to whatever settings you wish.

Uphill Rush, 3 is a fast paced racing game. It offers lots of features and options, including ways to customize your gaming experience.


Uphill Rush 3 has several more vehicle options to choose from compared to previous versions. Some of these vehicles one might find rather humorous! For instance:

Ÿ  Motorcycle
In-line skates

Yes, I said you can ride a cow! See what I mean by “humorous?”


Another difference between Uphill Rush 3 and its last two versions is, in this version, you start with 6 lives.



There are 6 different maps – 3 difficulty levels for each map. To move on to the next difficulty level for each map, you need to pass the previous one. For instance, to play normal mode for map 1, you must first complete 3 rounds of easy mode.

There are also two types of maps: Time Trial and Race. Each type has 3 different maps. Maps 1, 3, and 5 are for the Time Trials. Maps 2, 4, and 6 are for the Races – where you race against the computer.

Another difference between Uphill Rush 3 and its predecessors are: longer races, which mean there are more checkpoints per map.


Although this version does have many differences from the previous versions; there are also many similarities. For instance, you can still customize your racer’s outfit and vehicle colors, as well as have a chance to get a free Turbo at the beginning of your race by accelerating at just the right moment – typically as soon as the word “GO!” appears.

You can also still earn money in the game, and use that money to purchase different vehicles and outfits for your racer.



Another similarity between this version and the previous ones are the Settings and Options that you can customize. You can still:

Ÿ  Toggle music on/off

Ÿ  Toggle sound fx on/off

Ÿ  Toggle graphics quality

Ÿ  Turn tips on/off

Ÿ  Turn ghost on/off

Ÿ  Choose from 19 different languages

You also still have the option to add Uphill Rush 3 to your own website or blog.


Performing stunts is a lot easier in this version. All you have to do to perform a stunt is press and hold the space bar while you are in the air. The downfall – you can’t select specifically what stunts you perform; it’s random.



There are some sites that offer cheats for Uphill Rush 3. Some cheats we have found include:


Ÿ  Press “1” key to add 10,000 money

Ÿ  All difficulties and maps unlocked

Ÿ  No life loss when you wipe out

Ÿ  Do a stunt – get unlimited turbo


Age appropriate

We found this game to be appropriate for children ages 6+ to play. There are no graphic images or adult content of any kind.