Uphill Rush 2

How to play Uphill Rush 2

Up arrow – accelerates your vehicle
Down arrow – reverse
Left arrow – leans your character back
Right arrow – leans your character forward
Spacebar – allows you to jump
Number 5 button – lets you use turbo
“P” button – pauses your game

About Uphill Rush 2

Uphill Rush 2, like its predecessor, is a game of speed and accuracy. There are many different levels to play, each with 3 different difficulty levels. You can play as a single player in the practice (Time Trial) runs, or you can race to try to beat the computer to the finish line.

In addition to the buttons mentioned above, you also need to use your 1-4 keys to perform various stunts.


Some examples of the vehicles you can use in Uphill Rush 2 include: motorcycles, skateboards, and quads.


You start each round with only 4 lives; however, we have found there are cheats which will give you infinite lives.




Each level is called a “Cup”. Once you complete the race for each difficulty level, you earn a cup (as well as other rewards). Uphill Rush 2 contains 8 different Cups.


Cups 1, 3, 5, and 7 are the Time Trial games.

Cups 2, 4, 6, and 8 are the Race (against the computer) games.

Each Cup has 3 difficulty levels – easy, normal, and hard.

The last 4 Cups (5, 6, 7, and 8) are locked at the beginning of your game play. To unlock Cup 5, you must first complete Cups 1 and 3 on easy. To unlock Cup 6, you need to complete Cups 2 and 4 on easy. To unlock cup 7, you need to complete Cups 1, 3, and 5 on easy – and so on.

In addition, in order to unlock the Normal difficulty level, you have to complete the Easy level. It’s the same for the hard difficulty level – you must first complete the Normal level.

To complete each cup to unlock the additional difficulty levels and Cups, you must successfully reach the end of the level 3 times. Once you’ve done that, you will earn a trophy cup.

End of each round

At the end of each round, for both the Time Trials and the Races, you earn points. These points are calculated based on how many coins you collected while playing, stunts you’ve performed, and how long it took you to complete the round. After you’ve completed all three rounds for one cup, you also earn a Trophy, which is also calculated into your final round’s score.



During your game play, you can collect coins as rewards. In addition to collecting them while you are playing each level, you can also earn them by completing the level.

You can then use those coins to purchase better, faster vehicles and outfits for your racing character. Once you select which vehicle you want to use, and the outfits you want your character to wear, you can then further customize their look – changing the colors to whatever you like – for free!

Additionally, you can put your name and score on the High Scores scoreboard, and show off your handiwork.

Additional Options 

There are other settings/options you can change as well, including:

Ÿ  Toggle music on/off

Ÿ  Toggle sound fx on/off

Ÿ  Toggle graphics quality

Ÿ  Toggle tips on/off

Ÿ  Toggle ghost on/off

Ÿ  Choose country/language (17 languages to choose from)



Uphill Rush 2 allows you to change the key settings to whatever you want if you do not like what they are pre-set to.