Uphill Rush 1

Here you can play Uphill Rush 1 for free

Keys to use:

-Arrow up button – accelerate your vehicle
-Arrow down button – brake/reverse
-Left arrow button – lean left
-Right arrow button – lean right
-Space bar – jump
-“M” key – show or hide the mini map
– “P” key – pause
– “Z” key – Activate turbo


Uphill Rush 1 is a fun single player game created by Agame.com. To play, you must race the computer on a track over hills and other obstacles to the finish line. The catch – do it all without falling off your vehicle. You get 5 chances (lives). Can you do it?

To earn the turbo power-up, you need to do a 360 spin. If you are lucky enough to earn this power-up, it will double your vehicles speed for 5 seconds.


In Uphill Rush 1, you can ride on 4 different vehicles on 4 different tracks (cups). Vehicles include: a motorcycle, a skateboard, a quad, and a monster truck.

The monster truck is locked in the beginning.



 Cups 1 and 2 – motorcycle racing cups
 Cups 3 and 4 – skateboard racing cups
 Cups 5 and 6 – quad racing cups
 Cups 7 and 8 – monster truck racing cups
 Cups 9 and 10 – special cups


Unlocking vehicles and cups:

Here’s a list of “to-do’s” to unlock the monster truck vehicle and other cups in Uphill Rush 1.

 Complete cups 1,3, and 5 on easy mode to unlock cup 7 (and the monster truck)
 Complete cups 2,4, and 6 on easy mode to unlock cup 8 (and monster truck)
 Complete cups 1,3,5, and 7 to unlock cup 9 (special cup)
 Complete cups 2,4,6, and 8 to unlock cup 10 (special cup)


Options:The player has many options they can use to enhance their gaming experience. They include: toggling sound on/off; toggling graphics quality to “normal”, “low”, or “high”; and you can enlarge the gaming screen (zoom) by adjusting the scroll bar at the top of the game. However, you can only change these settings before you start the game. Otherwise, you must wait until you either fall off or finish the cup race.


Cheats:We were unable to find any working cheats for this game. Sorry guys. 

Appropriate age:

This game, while it can be quite difficult, is suitable for children ages 6 and up.