Play Uphill Rush 5

How to play Uphill Rush 5:

Arrow up – accelerate
Arrow down – reverse
Arrow left – lean back
Arrow right – lean forward
Space bar – jump and perform stunts
“X” key – activate turbo
“M” key – toggle map on or off
“P” key – pause game

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If you’ve ever heard of Uphill Rush, then you may have garnered a few pleasant factoids about it. As a game, this title isn’t one of those newer and shinier releases, and instead, relies on good gameplay, and fairly simple mechanics. However, while the title is not one of those must haves on your shelf, it is still a deserving of a look. Of course the main problem is still ever present, and that is where can you be able to play Uphill Rush 5?


So why should You Play Uphill Rush?

Games tend to polarize people into two groups, namely the hardcore, and the casual gamers. However, these titles are somewhat rendered obsolete because a lot of game developers understand that both groups can be appealed to with both kinds of games. Uphill Rush is a game that is sure to bring on hardcore and casual simply because it is fun. The premise and gameplay of the title is very reminiscent to some of the older games on older consoles and like on older PCs.


The game is solid as a racer, and with upgraded physics and visuals, it makes for a nice ride through. While Uphill Rush only has two game modes, and 3 basic maps, it does break up this monotony through the use of an upgrade system. On the surface, and within the first few minutes, one can easily get lost in the game’s simple style, and that is a great thing. Each track has a unique set of obstacles as well as loops and such to keep you guessing while you speed across the runway. Overall, while not a shining example in the game world, Uphill Rush is one of those titles that you still have to try. If there is nothing more to the title than fun, it would still be recommended for at least one play through.